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One Year in Latvia

I didn’t know almost anything about Latvia before I came for my EVS here. Latvia is a nice small country with small towns full of tradition and cultural habits. The most beautiful here is a nature. Fifty percent of forest and so many lakes made me happy during all my year. The hardest part was a winter. At the beginning of my EVS it was summer, I had a good time being in Latvia, I spent it with kids, in the forest, swimming in the lake. But after summer the weather become cold and also some time past and I stopped beIng excited about new place and new project. I started to see problems that I had with my organisation. The kids’ holidays finished and the camp for them too. So there was nothing to do in my organization. It gave me big impulse to connect with other volunteers around Latvia. I started to help with evets in other towns and spent time with other volunteers. I am so happy I met them and I hope I will see them again after my EVS finishes. We made together really nice events about Erasmus+, painting, cooking, happiness and much more. My year was full of experience, some was bad and some was good. For sure I developped myself and that is really important thing at this program. I met really interesting people who made me happy also I know not all people are good…

Now is time to change and go for a new adventure.

Monika Křivánková