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My last week in Daugavpils

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It is already my last week in Daugavpils.

A year is already gone.

I have good and bad memories about this period in Latvia, but it’s absolutely normal when you can call a place “home”: what was really strange and different at the beginning of my journey– because the real journey starts when you’re in a new Country, not when you’re on the plane- is now ordinary and familiar.

Except for pizza and coffee.

About my activities here, I can say that I’m really happy about my Italian and English courses, because the partakers are happy. It has been a really good experience, since I had the opportunity to manage everything by myself.

Our lessons took place twice per week; we talked, discussed about grammar and learned vocabulary in a good atmosphere, with a great relationship.

During this year, I have participated in workshops for children and in projects for youth exchanges, which has given the opportunity to plan and lead different activities- further pieces of information are available in the specific articles.

I’m not grateful only about it, Erasmus in general is really a great chance not only to know a different Country and to get acquaintance with people with a different background, but even to live these differences, to make them yours, which helps you to understand that it’s really stupid to compare different cultures and different values- or at least, one is supposed to understand which instruments may help to estimate these peculiarities, without judging them as better or worse.

Cultures could be really terrible, sometimes: if we’re not aware about their artificiality and their reasons, it is a trap for our brain, and it releases us in a box- or at least in our personal dimension, where we welcome what is ordinary and we fear and definitely cannot tolerate what is new, not ordinary, and “different”.

I had the chance to meet many people during these months; I get the acquaintance with some of them and had the chance to build a good relationship, while with somebody else it was absolutely impossible to deal with.

Erasmus allows you to undertake something similar to a secondary journey, invisible and more personal, which let you to discover more about yourself: so I say thank to the people I’ve met so far and the places I’ve seen. If I cannot claim to be a better person, I can say, at least, that I’m an awarer person.

It can be good or not, but if you don’t risk you’ll never know: just try, be a volunteer, but have the awareness that you should live that experience; be curious, explore, speak with the local people, find different pieces of information about the place you’re living in.

Liels paldies, спасибо большое.


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