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Painting the walls of Ligzda’s stairway

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My friend working at Ligzda society wants to bring together creative-minded people who are open to new ideas and are not afraid to exercise them. The workers and volunteers decided to make the entrance to the organisation more beautiful and welcoming. They planned to paint the walls of the stairway. At the end there will be the map of Europe and some mosaics of colour to continue like evolution to garden with a lot of flowers and big parrot. We could choose what we wanted to paint. We painted the flowers. There were also the kids from Tukums painting with us and they painted the mosaics. We enjoyed the afternoon together and did a good job at the wall. The stairs to the centre will look much nicer and friendlier after the paint is finished. It is still a lot of work but I am glad we helped them to have nice place.









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