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Rujiena “Open space” and Creative workshops “Think. Write. Draw.”

On Friday 3rd February we presented Erasmus + and non- formal education with other volunteers in the youth center in Rujiena. This open space had two parts. The first part was a presentation of Erasmus+ program, our EVS projects and our country.  Each group of tree volunteers was in one class for one study hour. I was together with volunteers from France and Turkey. We spoke with kids about their dream travels. We asked them what they know about our countries. We explained what Erasmus + program is and what we do in Latvia. We spoke about our impressions of Latvia, about languages and difficulties to learn a new language.


The second part was open space for the students.  It took place all around the school. We created seven places with activities and workshops – logical and math workshop, face painting workshop, Georgian draw name workshop, stereotype game about Europe countries, tasks game about European countries, dancing workshop and video skills workshop. I was at face/hand painting where the kids had chance to paint on each other.

On Saturday two of our volunteer friends had a great idea and made creativity workshop for other volunteers. During the workshop we discussed the dreams and tried to find the possibilities how to transform them into reality. We created one story together and also everyone his own story. We drew the illustration and created the comics together. It was really amazing. There were about twenty volunteers and we really enjoyed to be together, to create new ideas and to learn from each other.