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My merry Christmas and “Pasaku pasaulē” kid’s holiday’s school

I had awesome Christmas in Latvia. I decided to stay for Christmas in Latvia. Thank you to Volunteers from Rūjiena, which hosted us in their place. 23th of December we spend Christmas with seniors in seniors centre in Rūjiena. We made Italian tiramisu, had a cup of tea and some other cakes. We were listening and singing Christmas songs. It was lovely time to try to make bit happy some seniors. Next day more volunteers came and we prepared a big Christmas dinner and enjoyed Christmas together with a lot of fun and happiness.


The Christmas school holiday at Erfolg was with the spirit of fairytales. Christmas time is beautiful time with the smell of the Christmas tree and Christmas cookies.  We made also gingerbread cookies during the camp. We learned together the German Christmas song and sang the other Christmas songs what we know. We visited the Christmas market at the Main Square and the culture centre where we made arts and crafts – the lollipop reindeer and the Christmas cards.

The topic of the holiday’s school was the fairytales, in each day we concentrated to fairytales from a different country. We started with Latvian and continued with German and Russian. The kids had individual paper works and quiz together. They were collecting the sticker like the points for the competitions.

We did the theatre about the enormous turnip story and made the video. We made also video about how the superhero saves the Christmas. All the kids were amazing actors and we wished the happy New Year you to everyone.


I wish you Happy New Year!


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Six months in Latvia, I am in a half of my year here!

Time to go to Mid-term meeting

After six months spent in Latvia I had a chance to come back to Rāmavas muižā where I had spent 5 days on the on-arrival training. I am grateful how EVS is organized. In the middle of each project there is a meeting with other volunteers again, on the mid-term training. During this training volunteers have time to discuss how they have spent their time on EVS, how their projects have been going, how they feel about their experience and also if there are any problems or difficulties. Part of the training is the time to think what will happen when the EVS project finishes… It is the big question for everybody and it’s coming soon, if we want to or not.


In the beginning of December it has already been one month of winter in Latvia. Most of us aren’t used to such a long and cold winter. Both days we had a common feeling. We all miss the sun.


Most of us were at the same on-arrival training. We know each other and our projects. This time there were few more people coming that I didn’t know. We introduced ourselves and our projects and quickly got known each other and also the trainers.


We spent together three days with many activities that were prepared for us by really great trainers. The meeting was about all of us.  We returned in our mind to the beginning of our projects and we thought about the best and the worst moments during our projects. We were sharing the feelings and the problems and helping each other to find the view from the other side.  It has been three days with really emotional moments with a lot of fun and the most importantly a feeling of each other’s support.