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My EVS continues and I organised the Czech evening

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My EVS continues and I organised the Czech evening

The 28th October 2016 is a bank holiday in the Czech Republic as it’s a day to remember the formation of the first Czechoslovakia Republic. I was glad to invite people for cultural Czech evening.  I was really happy a lot of local people came and also a lot of Czechs. I was lucky two Czech families were visiting Daugavpils the same time.


I wanted to present the part of Czech culture in my organization. I hope everybody who was there got to know something new about my country. I made a quiz about the Czech Republic. I asked about important facts from my country. Everybody now knows the famous Czech cartoons Bob and Bobek, Rakosníček and others… Also Czech famous people.

The same day there was a famous Czech sportsman Josef Zimovčák in Daugavpils. He rides velocipede and brought it with him to show us and also let the volunteer to try it. He has been racing on it and has also created endowment fund “Na kole dětem” to support oncology children patients.  I was happy he came and he presented himself and his achievements.


I prepares Czech food Hozovy buchty, Salty sticks, pomazánka, and brought Lázeňské oplatky. Visitors could also taste Czech beer and Becherovka, Czech spirit from Karlovy Vary.dsc07171

All evening was really nice, I was happy to see the people are interest in my country and our culture.


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