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kopiya-main_photoYouth Exchange project Viva lingua – Language festival took place in Daugavpils from 22nd to 30th of August 2016; project participants came from Bulgaria, Italy, Latvia, Romania and Turkey.

I really enjoyed that time cooperating with Elvira, the head of the project, who allowed me to manage some of the activities: it was a great chance for me, it was somehow fun, even if it was not easy; actually I felt a little bit nervous about it, with almost thirty people staring at me, but that was a great possibility to break the ice and learn to be less shy and a little bit more “brave”.

The partakers affirmed that they liked, in particular, the city game, which allowed them to discover Daugavpils city, the ice-breaking activity, which I handled with pleasure, and the open space activity, which took place in Dubrovin Park – nearby the Daugavpils University building – gave participants the occasion to share their language and their culture with the local people. I really enjoyed these activities myself. In my opinion, really important were cultural evenings: the partakers had chance to present their own Countries with videos, food, dances and different linguistic activities – the real topic of the project. We had also tongue – twister challenge and so on. It was funny to help the Italian group to perform a scene from “The Godfather”, where I was a Russian mafia’s member (it happens when you know the language).

It was an important opportunity to meet new people and new cultures, within what they bring. For me it was also a great chance to improve myself, and, writing this article after more than a month, I’m really happy that it worked.

The last day of the project ended with a great farewell party: before the games and the karaoke in the Erfolg hotel, where the participants stayed, they all received their “Youthpass” certificate, a document which could be really useful because it shows clearly what the participant did and learned to do, throughout it is not so much well recognized and undervalued; they also received gadgets – I’m really happy about the cup I received, with a pic of us printed on it – and other gadgets in order to have memory of those days. I seriously hope to have the chance to take active part in projects like this again.


Gabriele Gerardi

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