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Kids in summer school and my experience

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Music Summer school was my first summer school in which I collaborated all time. I really enjoyed the time with kids. It was quite long way to find how to get closer to them as I don’t speak Russian language yet. So there was a huge language barrier. The second week we played a funny game with a cup. It was good. During all the summer school I had just basic role to be with kids. I prepared small activities for them. I played football with them outside in the park and helped them with some tasks when they needed. Each week kids learned notes, music instruments, history of music and they sang a song. The first week it was Russian song Ничего на свете лучше нету! The second week it was some German song.  At the end the kids made a video where they sang the song. Kids did also a lot of arts and crafts activities. The best was a musical instrument from pieces of paper and straw and piano origami. We had also a gymnastic lesson. The teacher from gymnastic school came and played with kids. He showed them some excises. Then we visited the real music school where we had opportunity to try a lot of musical instruments. A lector led as to play all the instruments like the orchestra.  She taught kids some basic melodies on the piano and little bit of dancing. At the end the kids had a big opportunity to show what they knew. They sang and danced in talents competition. The challenged each other and competed who performed the best. They did all very well.

Monika Křivánková


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