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My beginning EVS in Daugavpils

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It is nearly two weeks when I arrived to Daugavpils. This country enchanted me with the nature.  I’m not living in the city centre, but I have beautiful lake near to my home. It is just 30 minutes’ walk or I can take tram to go there. Daugavpils is not a big city but it has two big lakes which are exactly part of the city. In the city there are a lot of nice and comfortable coffee shops and also a lot of parks where it is nice to spend free time. People in Daugavpis are very kind to each other. In this time it is midsummer time and Latvian people celebrate this period a lot. The days are very long and we can spend time outside so long without darkness.

ERFOLG is my hosting organization. I am looking forward to participate on the exchange projects. Meet the new people from all around the world. Explore the Latvian culture and town.  Have interesting topic and program get new experience together and from each other. I would like to do some art workshop and some more projects with art.


During the summer I am participating on summer ethnic school for children. I already work on part of school project about the world of animals. The next one will be the music summer school. The kids are great. We made some animal masks and the animals from balloon. I don’t speak Russian language yet. So we were speaking English with the big children. I’m trying to speak Czech and little bit of Russian with the small children. I will take lesson of Russian language that is the most useful in Daugavpils and also Latvian courses. So I will work more with children more easily later.

Monika Křivánková from Czech Republic

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