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Summer School is over…

Summer is almost finished. But you know, so fast, so good. I started with the children school in the middle of june and we finished in the middle of august.. Till now, this activity is the most interesting thing that I’ve been doing in Erfolg. We met a lot of kids and we spent a great time all together. At the beginning it was quite complicate because most of them are russian speakers. Step by step, I started to recognise some basic expressions like “Попаром” and “Всеселинаместапожалуйста”.Additionally, we went a lot of different places such as parks, clay center, fortress, etc.


Each day started at 9:00 clock with morning and gimnastic exercises. Afterwards, there was always a presentation related with the topic. They could learn about geography, monuments, traditional dishes, traditional clothes, fairy tales, technology and history. In each presentation, after a theoretical introduction children had the opportunity to obtain knowledge playing games and drawing for the daily topic. We also managed to visit some interesting places such as parks, clay center, fortress or Latgale Zoo. Additionally , they were participating In the opening of the bookcase and all the activities related with this event promoted by Erfolg.


Autumn is coming and I´m gonna be very active with the English and Spanish discussion club. We will prepare a book with kid songs, for that reason we will visit various schools and kinder gardens. I hope it will be very useful in the future.


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