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My first project “Dance World”

If you are not working and you are not taking part as a participant…What are you doing in a youth exchange?

daugavThe answer is easy, you are a volunteer!

I’m used to participate in projects but when you take part in them like a volunteer you have to pay attention to details. There are a lot of stuffs to do around the project and details are so important when running any project. At the beginning this role was so weird for me, but step by step I learnt a regular way of doing things and I could enjoy more the experience. Of course, Natalija was patient to explain me all the different things related to my tasks. In addition, all the participants were very kind and they also helped me sometimes cleaning or taking pictures.


I met nice people from Turkey, Czech Republic, Spain, Hellas and Latvia. Moreover, they were creative and showed their culture through games, dances and a lot of food. It was really nice share our life for one week and enjoy the youth exchange with energizers, malacas people…

Of course, I would like to say that I’ve never eaten chicken more than ten times a week, but in this project all of us have a new record.   People were tired with the food but we were making jokes all the time and sometimes it was quite funny.

All in all, I met incredible people, friendly, caring, thoughtful and helpful. People I will keep in my heart and facebook for all my life. The last day some of them they asked me about EVS program and some of them are really interested to take part in a project in a close future. Step by step I’m starting to enjoy the project and meeting wonderful people from Europe.


I miss you guys, We will see each other soon.

by Javier.